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METADATA LANGUAGE, Icelandic/English
DATA MAKER, Agricultural University of Iceland ~~ http://www.lbhi.is/
REPRESENTATION TYPE, Web-mapping ~~Raster (IMG)
SPATIAL EXTENT, 70% of Iceland
ABSTRACT, The Agricultural University of Iceland has produced a GIS database with vegetation classification  map  with  relatively  good  resolution\,  the so called Nytjaland database  (AUI  Icelandic Farmland  Database).  It  is  aimed  to  reflect  the  productivity  and  land  use  properties  (i.e.  for grazing) of the Icelandic vegetation. The AUI Farmland Database land cover (Nytjaland) was created based on supervised classification of satellite images. The project was initated around 2000  but  was  mostly  halted  around  2008  due  to  finance  constraints.  It  uses  10  classes  for vegetation  in  addition  to  glaciers/snow  and  open  water.
REFERENCES, The main report of the project: Nytjaland ~~ Fanney Ó. Gísladóttir\, Sigmundur Helgi Brink og Ólafur Arnalds. ~~Fjörlrit LbhÍ nr. 54. ~~ ~~

http://www.nytjaland.is/landbunadur/wgrala.nsf/key2/almennt.html ~~ ~~

Identifying important bird habitats in a sub-arctic area undergoing rapid land-use change. ~~ Lilja Jóhannesdóttir \, Ólafur Arnalds \, Sigmundur Brink \, Tómas Grétar Gunnarsson ~~
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CONTACT, Olafur Arnalds (Agricultural University of Iceland) ~~ oa@lbhi.is ~~ http://www.moldin.net/ ~~ ~~
Fanney Ósk Gísladóttir (Agricultural University of Iceland) ~~ fanney@lbhi.is
GIS LAYER, Nytjaland_database.zip